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NextSphere Delivers High-End Software Products and Services

NextSphere is full-service custom application development firm that helps customers grow and keep up, in a constantly changing technology landscape. We at NextSphere develop and support business applications for customers in wide range of industries. We strive to work on projects where the NextSphere teams can add the most value, not projects where we can charge the highest rate or work indefinitely with an undefined goal in mind. The best client for NextSphere is one that wants to use our development process and expertise to deliver an end product that reaches its fullest potential. Central to NextSphere’s value for our clients is our "Not-To-Exceed" pricing model, which eliminates the risk typically associated with large-scale software development projects.

Our team comes with a perfect combination of business analysis and technical expertise, with a focus on 100 percent client satisfaction.

What We Do

Business Applications Development

Develop scalable and mission-critical software systems in house or on the cloud for your business.

Cloud & Infrastructure Services

Deliver secure and reliable cloud based solutions. When demand spikes, NextSphere is equipped to help your company scale computing resources to ensure reliability and consistency.

Mobile App Development

Develop effective, high performance mobile solutions for tablets, phones and wearable technology.

Product Development

Witness your ideas materialize with quality, into reality!

System Modernization

Provide cost effective growth utilizing your vital legacy systems, while enabling them to support emerging technologies.

Quality Assurance Services

Ensure full compliance to standards for performance, security and more with our ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified standards testing.

How We Do

“NextSphere was able to come in, they understood our needs, documented what we were looking for and looked at our existing technology and capabilities and were able to design out for us exactly how we could meet that need and do it in a cost effective way.”

Chris Ruppel
Co-founder & GM, rapid!PayCard

“NextSphere was nimble and flexible in adapting our development process, hence, they truly understand meeting their customer needs.”

Carlos Rodriguez
VP Engineering, Freedom Scientific

“NextSphere has added value to our team in many ways, from being cost effective to being transparent in everything that they do. It’s not just about getting the product done, but it’s about owning the solution and about really feeing tied to the success of the project.”

Rob Ferguson
COO & CIO, ForeverGreen

“One of the things that’s made NextSphere really valuable is that they understand that the long-term plan and the design of the system reflects not just what we want to get accomplished next year, but five years from now, and ten years from now”

Shilen Patel
CEO, Health Axis Group

Industries We Serve