How We Do

NextSphere partners with customers to develop intelligent applications that empower users to be more efficient and improve their business performance.

A Partnership that Works for Your Success

NextSphere understands that every business has different goals. We first work to understand your software needs and different departmental workflows. NextSphere works daily to be your development partner that can adapt to your business and deliver unique software solutions to not only satisfy users, save you time, but most importantly drive revenue.

We focus on business value by constantly analyzing the outstanding requirements to prioritize delivering features with the greatest return. We foster open, collaborative relationships which creates an effective team that is flexible and reacts quickly to change. We use continuous integration and extensive automated testing to ensure that the software we build is ready to release, reducing deployment time and cost. We assume full responsibility of development, testing, deployment and all the way until you Go Live. Central to NextSphere’s value for our clients is our "Not-To-Exceed" pricing model, which eliminates the risk typically associated with large-scale software development projects.

NexSphere believes in allowing our clients from across industry segments to advocate on our behalf. We encourage you to view our customer videos and case studies. Our teams have the expertise and know-how within each industry to offer exceptional technology solutions.

Benefits of Our Model

Reduced cost of ownership

Proprietary architecture and framework.

Readily available, scalable, and reusable components.

Integrated solution with infrastructure needs.

Enterprise governance and reporting.


Flexible engagement models.

Global delivery model.

Technology agnostic.


Outcome based approach.

Transparent process and methodologies.

Quantitative and qualitative metrics for management.

Guaranteed success

100% Working software, every time.

Customized solutions for specific needs.

Better and faster delivery.

Dedicated and Skilled developers who get work done right the first time.

Focus on quality, usability and reliability.

Future enablement

Architecture / solution vision to hedge against disruptive technologies.

Innovation is ingrained in all services offerings.

Automation of repeated tasks.

Knowledge management and continuous training.

Our Delivery Model

Advantages of our Delivery Model

High productivity and quick deliveries: NextSphere is not a body shop and works with you based on your business objectives to find the areas of software that are best suited to bring you value and the quickest return on investment. Because of NextSphere’s multiple software delivery centers, located in different time zones, work is delivered faster.

Access to resources: Our Project Managers, Technical Architects and Team Leads are US based and available to customers during U.S. time zones. Our clients get the benefits of skilled manpower spread out across the globe. Our clients will be able to adjust the resource loading up or down based on their business priorities.

Better Communication and Response time: NextSphere places YOU – the customer, first. Our Project Managers and Team Members are flexible, and focused on providing end results to our clients. We hold project status meetings with live dashboards allowing everyone to see the same status and project objectives. Because of the availability of Global resources, NextSphere delivers high levels of communication and respond quickly to our clients.

Our Tools and Processes: We leverage software development methodologies like Agile and others to ensure communication between a globally distributed technical resource pool and you. Proprietary tools such as development frameworks, guidelines, best practices and reusable assets, previously developed by NextSphere, augment your development and testing efforts saving time and cost.

Source Code and IP is Always Client Owned: NextSphere’s end to end software solutions and maintenance solutions require no licensing fees, source code and most importantly the intellectual property will remain as part of our client’s proprietary software.