Manufacturing, Retail & Distribution

NextSphere is helping industry leaders thrive in a connected world and meet new demands for agility. And we are redefining how manufacturing companies benefit from global services.

Manufacturing, Retail & Distribution

In today’s economy, manufacturing, retail and distribution industries are seeing new opportunities but are still faced with many difficult challenges and complexities. The transforming environment requires business owners, to make changes to business strategies, adapt to more efficient and leaner cost structures, all while complying with increasingly more demanding regulatory requirements. Income tax regulations continue to be complex and difficult to understand. The goal of maximizing business profits and cash flows is challenged each day. All of these factors make decisions about the direction of your business complicated. We combine industry expertise with innovative technologies to deliver a unique approach to business strategy and transformation. Our team of professionals can help you address these challenges and capitalize on opportunities faced in your industry.

Driving Global Competitiveness and Profitability

The manufacturing industry is constantly evolving and IT is driving businesses to make that change. The goal is to fine-tune business processes, to the point where they are the most cost-effective possible. Through IT consultancy we’re able to integrate product data to aftermarket solutions, suppliers, manufacturing and engineering to help you increase your product development efficiency in numerous ways. Providing real added value. It’s a challenge we understand well, from working with our customers over many years. And we have the innovative, unique solutions to help. Our consultants use benchmark tools to find and integrate best practice into your systems.

Experience and Expertise

We help your organization to:

Modernize and streamline the sales process, creating stronger engagement with clients and prospects through Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Eliminate workarounds to enable more effective, efficient use of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

Assess and manage upgrades and mission-critical updates of outdated systems and software to bolster lead generation, ensure optimal integration and reduce losses.

Leverage mobile technology to track inventory and increase operational efficiency.

Engage our reliable and reputable engineers, developers and architects to develop and support your Manufacturing Business!