Product Development

Witness your ideas evolve with speed, efficiency and quality into working software via our global delivery model.

Move Your Vision from Concept to Reality

We believe that strong passion is required for innovation of a new product. Our team has the experience needed to help move your vision into a working, market ready product. The NextSphere team will bring a steady source of new ideas, technologies, systems technical solutions and focus to your project for a quicker Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

We have designed and developed a variety of products, including Learning Management Systems (LMS), Social Engines, Event Management Systems and Network Marketing Systems.

Product Development Life Cycle

NextSphere’s well-established processes drives your ideas to realization. With careful exploration of your concepts, evaluation of technical feasibilities all the way through product deployment.

Idea & Possibility Study

When you bring us your idea for a new product, our team is engaged in identifying the comprehensive business case, followed by capturing product requirements. This helps to narrow down the value-adding components and guarantee the journey of your idea to reality.

Design & Prototype

In preparation for creating a high value design, we take the requirements to next stages of analysis, looking at the technology trade-offs and finding better alternative methods. Prototyping this design concept is the most rewarding next step, as we aim to achieve results that are tangible and real.

Coding & Testing

We first develop core components (Common Reusable Elements) that act as solid framework for the product, then we integrate the remaining features. We also apply testing methodologies based on the project needs at the early stages of the process, ensuring viable product and lower cost-per-requirement.

Customization & Development

Our iterative development model helps to determine the modifications and improvements needed to produce a satisfactory end product, optimizing performance, usability, cost, and time to market.

24/7 Support & Maintenance

NextSphere offers complete support and maintenance of the launched product and provides high quality and timely maintenance services while you focus on other activities like sales, marketing, or streamlining your business process.

Engage our reliable and reputable engineers, developers and architects to realize your requirements!