Quality Assurance

Ensure full compliance to standards for performance, security and more with our ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified standards testing.

Doing Things, the Right Way!

NextSphere has an established set of procedures for ensuring quality in the software engineering process that ultimately results in the production of quality products. The focus is not just limited to bug fixing; we specialize in defining process, process implementation, auditing, and training.

Continued Commitment to Quality and Information Security Improvement

Certified by internationally recognized Quality Management System (QMS) ISO9001:2015.

Certified by internationally recognized Information Security Management System (ISMS) ISO27001:2013.

Annual audits to assure our team meets the ISO standards.

Ensured delivery of quality services to our clients.

Focused on high levels of security and industry standards.

Wide range of Independent Software Quality Assurance and Testing services.

Testing Services

Performance Testing

Automation Testing

Security Testing


Functional Testing

Integration Testing

Usability Testing

Regression Testing

Manual Testing

Network Testing

Mobile Testing

Compatibility Testing

Load Testing

Web Services Testing

Mobile Testing

Functionality Testing: For applications behavior compared to requirements and work flows.

User Interface Testing: To support multiple screen sizes, screen densities, touch gestures, and more.

Performance Testing: To maintain stability in battery, CPU, memory usage, network coverage area, changing internet connections, transferring large files, concurrent access to application server by several users, and more.

Memory Leakage Testing: For optimal usage of memory for processing best and worst cases of work flows.

Interrupt Testing: : For handling SMS, MMS, phone calls, notifications, battery cable insertion and removal, network outage and recovery, low-memory warnings, device power cycle, and more.

Usability Testing: For visual design, user interaction, ease of use, flexibility, intuitiveness, friendliness, control, and more.

Security Testing: For application data and network security.

Compatibility Testing: For supporting a wide range of target-end devices of various platforms.

Compliance Testing: To adhere to mobile platform guidelines for certification and publishing to app store.

Test Automation

Tool agnostic framework

Use of popular test automation tools like Selenium, CodedUI and SoapUI

Version control on test scripts

Scheduled execution of test cases

Continuous integration with server Jenkins

Remote test execution

Reports and dashboards

Engage our reliable and reputable engineers, developers and architects to realize your quality goals!