System Modernization

Cost effective growth utilizing your vital legacy systems, while enabling them to support emerging technologies.

Unlock the Value in Your Legacy Systems

Web enabling of legacy applications and data is the goal of many companies. There is tremendous value in leveraging legacy data assets through migration to a web-based communications model. Web enabling an application or augmenting an existing Web application provides advanced features such as state management, data access, traceability, and improved application performance. We are experts at enabling new access to legacy applications.

Driving Factors for Modernization

High costs of maintaining and enhancing on legacy platforms

Unmitigated risk of unsupported software

Standardization of IT infrastructure

Lack of security standards

Inflexible and closed architecture that hinders web enabling

Higher time to market due to tedious development cycles

Goals for Modernization

Preserve investment

Reduce cost and impact on end users

Reuse business logic

Minimize performance impact to production systems

Shorten learning curve

Simplified support with best suitable technologies

Phased Modernization Approach


Performance assessment.

Usability (UI and UX).

Data storage requirements.

New technology trends.


Language migration.

Code restructuring.

Data restructuring.



Platform transitions.

Program modularization.

Language conversion.

Migration to client/server and Web.


Language or code migrations.

Data migrations.

User interface (UI) migrations.

Architecture migrations.


Power & resource consumption.

Load balancing.

Performance improvements.

Security standards & Compliance.

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