“NextSphere has been able to help us reach more customers around the world by building our mobile platform and extending our solutions so that they’re mobile responsive. In working with NextSphere over the years, our team feels that NextSphere is a partner, is an extension of our team, our own team internally.”

“Going live on the right day, making sure the downtime is at an absolute minimum is critical. NextSphere has always made sure that there is a supplemental team in place and that if we are beyond a deadline that people continue to work as hard as they need to work to make sure that we can retain deadline integrity to the best of our ability.”

“What makes NextSphere so different is that they are focused on the outcome, on the deliverable. We know we have a piece of software that works the way it was intended at the time we sign-off on the project.”

“What really helped us was that NextSphere was nimble and flexible in adapting our development process, hence they truly understood meeting their customer’s needs. We value our NextSphere partnership and would highly recommend them to any development company.”